Paris Police headquarters attack , Four killed including 3 police officers & 1 Administrative employee.


Michel Harpon (45) who was been working in the IT department of central Paris police headquarters since 2003 killed three officers and an administrative worker in a knife attack at Paris police headquarters on Thursday before being shot dead by police.

The bloody rampage took place in the courtyard outside the historic building near Notre Dame Cathedral. The victims were one female administrator from Public security department and three male police officers from anti terrorist department another female employee was also seriously stabbed with life threatening injuries and was taken to the nearby Percy military hospital.

The police officer who shot the knife man was on his break and had been on his job only four days. The witnesses says that the police man called out three times for Hapron to put his knife down before fatally shooting him .

Police raid at Harpon’s apartment immediately followed by the attack led to the arrest of his wife “Iham” who is from an Arab background, registered as profoundly deaf and communicates only with sign language. She conveyed to the police that her husband was having intermittent “dementia attacks” and he was waking up in the middle of the night saying he could hear voices.

According the Police union Leader Jean Marc bailleul, the attack does not rule any possible terrorist motivation as Harpon was one of the trusted employees with full security clearance, rather this rampage was caused by “moment of madness” which the attacker was mentally suffering from.

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