China is building 12 Billion Dollar Mega Airport !


Already Home to world’s largest Dam, longest ocean crossing and extensive high speed rail network.

china has completed one of the largest airports ever conceived. The demand of travel in and out the country is extreme being home to one of he worlds’s largest economies.

Beijing being the nations center of political power and second largest city in the country of China with a population of 1.3 Billion population,the pressure on Beijing is intense.

The initial plans for a Second international airport was made in 2008 as the existing Beijing international airport was undergoing expansion to accommodate 83 million more passengers. After the successful extension of airport in 2012, By 2016 they were 100 Million passengers going through the Airport each year.

In-order to relieve the pressure from the Beijing airport economy and to meet the growing demands of the passengers a new hub was conceived “Daxing International Airport”. The vast new Daxing International was originally intended to replace The “Beijing International ” as the city’s main airport.

However, by 2014 Chinese government decided to run both the airports simultaneously. Daxing airport was initially constructed with four Runways and 72 million passengers capacity each year and can be expanded to 7 runways and could serve up to 100 million passengers each year.

Plans for the new airport were released by the Zahah hadid architects in early 2015. After Collaborating with airport specialists ADPI on the main terminal building Hadid moved away from the linear model of airport design which often created sprawling facilities and instead introduced a six pointed star arrangement that puts passengers less than 600 metres around an 8 minute walk from any departure gate. The entire airport is built in the shape of a Star Fish.

While one ram operates as an administrative center, the remaining five accommodates airports 75 Departure gates. One of the highlighted features is the installment of 1000 antsiesmic isolation bearings were built in to the airport’s ground floor slab allowing the structure to withstand an earthquake with a magnitude on 8.0 on the ritcher scale.

With 197,000 passengers expected to use the airport each day, Daxing international will operate a largely’paperless’system that features AI facial recognition at check-in. Self service, Bag drop facilities and real time mobile baggage tracking are some of the other highlights.

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