Canada Election News: Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was questioned over claims he was insurance broker.


Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was questioned over the length in which he worked in an insurance office and the tasks he performed.

However the Liberals are demanding the Saskatchewan’s insurance industry to investigate the false allegations made by Scheer about his work experience as an insurance broker.

 During the press on Monday, he was questioned by a CBC journalist over length and role of his work as insurance broker. Scheer admitted he only worked in the industry for “six or seven months.”

CBC News asked him exactly how long he’d worked in a Regina insurance office.

“I worked from approximately spring to some time in the fall,” he said, saying he’d have to go back and check his personal records for the exact dates.

Scheer  was also asked to clarify his role when he was in this office.

He answered his job was “supporting the whole team, answering questions from customers and clients and doing preparatory work.” He added that he would also explain and pass on information to people coming into the office. 

Biographies of Scheer posted on the Conservative party’s current website and his past MP and leadership websites have repeatedly referred to the Conservative leader as a one-time insurance broker in Saskatchewan.

But the Globe and Mail reported on the weekend that it could find no evidence that Scheer ever received the accreditation necessary to practice as an insurance broker in the province.

Scheer clarified Saturday, saying: “I did receive my accreditation. I left the insurance office before the licensing process was finalized.”

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