All you want to know about Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6.


The Vision Mercedes Maybach coupe has made its first debut at Monterey car week which took place in August 2016 at Monterey peninsula.

This sensational and luxury classic coupe by Mercedez is deigned as an electric car, and re-interprets emotional design principles in an extreme way. Here are some breathtaking pictures of the coupe shared by the Mercedes Benz designer Gorden Waganer.

  • Measures over 18.5 feet in length (almost six meters) and is powered by a four-motor all-electric, all-wheel drive system delivering 738-hp (550 kW).
  • The shallow underfloor battery allows for an estimated range of over 200 miles.[1] 
  • A visionary quick-charge function will allow you to add around 62 miles to your range in just five minutes of charging.
  • The interior has an incomparable 360-degree lounge that synthesizes the two values, as well. The digital displays are contrasted by high-quality leather and wood trim, including elm wood in the floor area. 
  •  The padded leather upholstery includes miniature “body sensor displays” that monitor passengers’ vitals and automatically adjust climate controls and massage functions.

Key Highlights of the interior design includes,

  1. Exclusively designed set of two suitcases
  2. “Hyper analogue” instruments featuring classic and modern design elements
  3. Digital touchscreen strips for all occupants
  4. “Inside out” interior spatial design
  5. Hallmark Mercedes-Benz gull wing door

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