Advantages/ Health Benefits of eating seasonal Fruits .


Atleast once you have come across someone saying “EAT SEASONAL FRUITS” . Have you ever wondered why ? Or looked in to the reason why it is good ?
The most important advantage of eating seasonal fruits are its health benefits. Seasonal eating includes eating fresh fruits and vegetables that haven’t been processed or transported long distances.

Pomogranate For the Fall season .

Processing foods includes things such as tinning, blanching and dehydrating foods to enhance their life span.

Eating seasonally not only supports the local farmers in your locality . but also benefits the environment. It cuts down the environmental damage which comes with shipping foods across large distances such as the energy used to refrigerate them.

Orange for the Fall season

A fruit or vegetable is also easier to preserve in its own season as fewer chemicals are needed to fertilise it and less energy is used to create the temperature and surrounding environment it needs.
It is one of the most economical way to do groceries . Seasonal fruits would be comparatively cheaper at cost than other fruits and vegetables . Here is a season fruit chart for your reference to pick the right fruit .

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