A vision Avatar Concept Car by Mercedes that is 130 years into the future

Mercedes Benz Vision Avatar Concept Car

Mercedes Benz unveils their new concept vehicle at CES 2020 through their partnership with Avatar and James Cameroon.

CES 2020 Or Consumer Electronics Show is the world’s one of the most popular gathering places for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies.

CES 2020, America’s largest annual tech trade show, took place from January 7th to January 10th at Las Vegas featuring the latest transformative technologies with more than 4400 exhibiting companies including 1200 startups.

One of the biggest highlights of CES this year was the Vision Avatar concept. According to the chief Design Boss, Gorden Wagner this car was the result of a great design collaboration between designers at Mercedes and Ben Procter.

Drawing inspiration from the 2009 Avatar movie, James Cameroon consulted on the concept design to imagine this futuristic car which includes “Bionic flaps” and wheels inspired by the Avatar “Seeds of the Tree of Souls”

Bionic Flaps
wheels inspired by the Avatar “Seeds of the Tree of Souls”

Not sure if this Pandora is ready for these yet, but they sure look great on the roads here.

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