A vision Avatar Concept Car by Mercedes that is 130 years into the future

Drawing inspiration from the 2009 Avatar movie . Mercedes Benz unveils their new concept vehicle at CES 2020 through their partnership with Avatar Director James Cameroon.

Toyota Supra 2020, The resurrection of a sports Hero after 22 yrs.

All updates about the 2020 Supra’s outstanding Features, Performance,pricing and more..

All you want to know about Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6.

The Vision Mercedes Maybach coupe has made its first debut at Monterey car week which took place in August 2016 at Monterey peninsula. This sensational and luxury classic coupe by Mercedez is deigned as an electric car, and re-interprets emotional design principles in an extreme way. Here are some breathtaking pictures of the coupe shared […]

Tesla’s New software Smart Summon Feature Is an Epic Fail Causing Parking Lot Chaos

Smart Summon is a new software that allows Tesla owners to call their car from a parking spot to pick them up where they are standing, without driver behind the wheel.  Several users have posted videos on social media showing Tesla vehicles involved in apparent near accidents while using this feature. The Smart Summon feature […]